Payments through API (Demo with Postman)

POST generate checkout link for make payment
Accept application/json
Content-Type application/json
BODY formdata
private_key Merchant_private_key
currency Merchant_currency
is_fallback Accept(1 OR 0)
  • 1 = It will return fallback URl.
  • 0 = It willn't return fallback URl.
  • is_fallback = 1 then it will require.
is_test Accept(1 OR 0)
  • 1 = Sandbox Mode
  • 0 = Live Mode
amount 100
purpose testing purpose

In body add private_key,currency,is_fallback,url,is_test,amount as key and their values from the credentials of merchant profile.

Checkout Page:

Success Response:


Postman Documentation: